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For Disciples Immigrants

Advice-only legal consultations and referrals

If you are a Disciples pastor seeking help for yourself or for others, please call or email us directly. Other individuals, please contact your pastor and ask them to connect us for an introduction.

We will arrange a time when we can speak together by phone or video conference in English or Spanish. During that call we will listen to the details of your situation and provide some initial advice.  All consultations are confidential.

Depending on the nature of the case, we will either accept your case for full representation or help you find appropriate local legal counsel.  (Assistance for full representation is considered on a case-by-case basis as capacity allows.)

Request a Consultation

kindly allow one business day for response

Note that Disciples Immigration Legal Counsel is only one attorney, so your patience and understanding are appreciated.  This link is for a confidential questionnaire that will be used to find the best time and manner with which to speak with you.  Please allow at least one business day for response.  All information shared in the consultation is, and will remain, confidential.  Finally, thank you for sharing your Disciples affiliation to qualify for this service.

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Resources & Support

Government Immigration Websites

for USCIS, Immigration Courts, & Department of State are available on our Resources page

Note that many websites pose to be government immigration websites in order to take advantage of immigrants.  All government websites end in “.gov” – always check, especially after an internet search!  Finally, know that all immigration forms are available for free at

*** There is never a fee to download immigration forms from USCIS.***

Current filing fees to submit a USCIS application are available here.

How to Find a Local Qualified Immigration Attorney

Goal: Reliable and Responsible Representation

Immigration law is one of the most complex and complicated areas of U.S. law, so it is important to find an attorney with experience and connection within the immigration attorney community.  Most practitioners find it helpful to be a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, a voluntary bar association of over 15,000 immigration attorneys nationwide.  (Disciples Immigration Legal Counsel is grateful to be a member.)  AILA sends daily updates on changes across the multitude of government agencies that handle immigration matters, which helps its members deliver reliable and responsible legal services.

Avoid Scams and Fraud!

Goal: Protect Yourself and Your Family

In some countries, notarios (or “notaries”) are allowed to practice some transactional law.  This is not true in the United States.  Notaries perform limited acts of identity verification; they may not practice law.  Over the years, we have seen countless “notarios" offer advice and actually assist immigrants in their filings.  We have also seen devastating, and often inalterable, consequences because of this deception. 

Protect yourself and your family: always ask where and how one is authorized to practice law.

Note that only a licensed attorney or DOJ Accredited Representative may advise and represent immigrants before governmental agencies and entities.

  • This does not include family members, friends, neighbors, teachers, clergy, etc.

  • In the U.S., an attorney can be licensed in any of the 50 states and lawfully practice immigration law.  Always ask in which state an attorney is licensed so that you know.

  • Giving legal advice or practicing law without a license is a crime in most jurisdictions.

  • The wrong help can really hurt, if not devastate, immigrants!

  • was created by the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the American Bar Association.  It offers information in 6 languages.

  • If you have been a victim of notario fraud, please consider taking action to prevent the same tragedy from happening to other immigrants and their families.  Contact us for more information.

Immigration Law & Policy Resources

Goal: Learn and Keep Learning

Pro Se (Self Help) Tech Tools

Goal: Reliable Legal Information online and on your phone

Mental Health Resources

Goal: Immigration is Hard; Take Good Care of Yourself

For mental health resources specific for the migrant experience:

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