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Not just allies...

"For social justice advocates who use the term accomplice, they often see the site of focus as the main difference between the work of an ally and that of an accomplice. An ally will mostly engage in activism by standing with an individual or group in a marginalized community. An accomplice will focus more on dismantling the structures that oppress that individual or group—and such work will be directed by the stakeholders in the marginalized group. Simply, ally work focuses on individuals, and accomplice work focuses on the structures of decision-making agency." 

-- "Ally or Accomplice? The Language of Activism," by Colleen Clemens, Learning for Justice, 2017

Which systems intersect and how can we be responsible accomplices?

Image by Giancarlo Revolledo

Our Immigration System is Broken

learn more

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Immigrant Justice is Racial Justice

is social justice

From the first "official" U.S. immigration law, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, racial inequities have been embedded in U.S. immigration policy.  Learn more:​

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Immigrant Rights are Women's Rights

and LGBTQ* rights

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Climate Change & Migration

which comes first?

How are you working to be an accomplice? 

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